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Cable Programador FTDI RFDesing



Total length: 16.5 cm ( 6.49 in )
Insertion loss @ 915 MHz : 0.25 dB – typical
Insertion loss @ 2450 MHz : 0.4 dB – typical
Insertion loss @ 5550 MHz : 0.71 dB – typical
Cable type : RG316
Cable thickness : 2mm
Weight : 12.5g ( 0.44 oz )

This is an RF extension cable with RPSMA Right Angle (R/A) male/female terminations.
It has a bulkhead fitting on the RPSMA(F) end to allow mounting through panels to get the best antenna location.
The bulkhead fitting will allow approximately a 6mm thick wall to be penetrated, with allowance for the lock washer, nut and terminating cable/antenna to be connected on the other side.
They can be connected end to end to make custom lengths (losses will be added together on subsequent cable lengths).


The FTDI USB to TTL serial cable provides connectivity between USB and serial UART interfaces.

It is well suited to interfacing a RFD868 y 900 radio modem, or any other TTL level serial device to a PC via the USB port.

Interface Voltage: 3.3V
Supply Voltage: 5.0V
Cable Length: 1.8m

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Drivers       Use version 2.0.28 del driver para este cable.
Peso 0.001 kg
Dimensiones 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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