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Gimbal de 2 ejes standard c/servos



Gimbal de 2 ejes con servos, para armar.

Material: Fibra Carbono 1,2 mm.
Peso: 103 grms
Dimensiones: 170mm(Width) x 158mm(Depth) x 110mm Height)
Profundidad marco;  68 mm
Rolling angle: 60 degree
Pitch angle: 80 degree
Carga Max : <500g




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CM102-DS 2-Axis Camera Gimbal

Product: CM102-DS 2-axis Camera Gimbal Frame
Material: Carbon Fiber ( thickness 1.2mm)
Weight: 75g (2pcs Servos not included)
Weight: 103g (2pcs Servos included)
The Depth of Inner Frame: 68mm
Dimension: 170mm(Width) x 158mm(Depth) x 110mm Height)
Rolling angle: 60 degree
Pitch angle: 80 degree
Max load: <500g

Servo Specs

Model: 9025MG
Speed: 0.09s/60 @ 6.0V
Torque: 2.5kg/cm @ 6.0V
Working voltage: 4.8V-6.0V
Gear type: Full Metal gear
Dimension: 23mm x 12.1mm x 28.8mm
Weight: 13g

Product introduction:

CM102-DS Camera Gimbal is 2-axis(rolling axis and pitching axis) special designed for FPV fans. CM102-DS Camera Gimbal could install on normal helicopter, such as XAircraft X650V4/V8 X450P DIY-Hexa Sigma Q4-480W Y6-500FG and most of other DIY frame.

CM102-DS Camera Gimbal provide 2-axis control functions: Rolling and pitching. The gimbal comes with 2 servos(RCTIMER 9025MG),it could direct drive by reciever. For the auto stabilization function, it
should be drive by flight control or autostablizer. The gimbal Y axis and X axis adopt linkage drive mode, during the driven processing, torque and speed changes! When it starts, the speed is fast; when it stops, it is gentle and soft.
which is more conform to dynamic requests for camera gimbal stabilizer drive to reduction ratio. CM102-DS provide several reduction ratio collocations for player to choose, in order to get the perfect performance. (The ratio in the user manual is highly recommended).



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Peso 0.001 kg
Dimensiones 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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